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Oct 26, 2012 11:00pm PDT
mother-in-laws. the mother-in-laws are the ones who control things as to how that birth is going to go. we talk to them this them about the health of their grandchildren, and of course they want healthy grandchildren. then we teach them why it is so important to give birth in a clean place clean sheets. that's one example and every country has something a little bit different about the cultural traditions. you really have to work at the community level of people who live there and understand. a lot of our staff are from these communities. they know the culture, the tradition, and try to change those from within. >> gavin: in the united states, most your efforts on the health side are where? >> we actually work in two big areas. health and education in the u.s. in the united states it's all along the southern part of the united states. and it's really in the poorest communities primarily rural communities. on the health side, the big issue in the u.s. is childhood obesity. we work a lot in that area. >> gavin: in what ways? prevention and education side, working with local municipalitie
Nov 2, 2012 11:00pm PDT
california here. it's more about reducing the harm reducing the role of the criminal law in drug control policy as much as possible while protecting health and safety. >> despite all that evidence we're beating our heads against the wall. we have presidential candidate who act original in their thinking, but when they get in, they become carbon copies of their predecessors. what is it about the political inability or the public unwillingness to support issues. >> it's very hard and unusual for the president to lead. look at gay marriage, you provided leadership, and then years later president obama said me too. he's following. in '53, fdr didn't lead, he followed the rest of the country. obama came in. he had made three commitments when running for president four years ago. he said i'll roll back the federal war on marijuana. i'll change these mandatory penalties and allow federal funding for needle exchange. lo and behold he made good on all three in the first three months and then he backed away. first because the republicans became in control and then the old forces got back i
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2